The IJCAI 2024 Survey Track enables the AI community to learn from AI researchers who are experts on a topic by allowing them to give a survey talk that presents a structured synthesis of that topic.  Papers accepted to the Survey Track will be published in the IJCAI 2024 proceedings. At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the conference and present the work.

We are looking forward to the community meeting in person. 

Who Can Submit a Paper?

The list of authors should contain at least one author who has contributed significantly to the AI literature and one author (potentially the same person) who is an expert on the topic of the submission.

What Is a Suitable Topic?

The IJCAI 2024 Survey Track provides an opportunity for established researchers in the AI community to give a broad talk on a well-established body of research, which provides a big-picture view of the topic rather than discussing a particular aspect. The topic should be of interest to current AI practitioners. Of particular interest are papers that describe how lessons learned from the topic can contribute to new ideas and visions that can stimulate the research community to pursue new directions, e.g., new problems.

How Should the Paper Be Written?

The survey should have a well-defined scope and be understandable for most of the AI community. It should clarify why the topic is important and its intended or existing applications. The survey should be comprehensive concerning state of the art, with a personal stance on the topic: the description of the existing work should be structured. It should contain a discussion (aiming, for instance, at comparing alternative approaches or identifying open questions and challenges). It should not be a simple juxtaposition of summaries of papers or groups of papers. While the authors’ work can sometimes be an important part of a survey, there should be no significant bias towards it: the work of others should be mentioned and appreciated by its relevance and importance. The paper should be of very high quality in terms of presentation, be at the appropriate technical level, and be grounded in the existing literature.

Important Dates

  • Paper submission: February 1, 2024
  • Notification of acceptance/rejection: April 19, 2024
  • Camera-ready deadline: TBD

Note: all times are Anywhere On Earth, UTC-12. 

Submission Details, Paper Length and Format


Submission site: papers should be submitted to by choosing “Survey” from the drop-down menu.

Because at least one of the authors must be a recognized expert on the topic, submissions to the survey track are *not* anonymous and should include the names and affiliations of all authors. Submitted papers must be formatted according to IJCAI guidelines and submitted electronically through the IJCAI 2024 special track paper submission site. Full instructions, including formatting guidelines and electronic templates, are available on the IJCAI 2024 website. Submissions must be in PDF using the IJCAI 2024 template linked above. Submissions must be self-contained; the IJCAI 2024 survey track will not accept or review any supplementary material. In addition, at least one author must submit a short CV (up to 2 pages in any reasonable format) providing evidence that they are an expert on the topic of the submitted survey paper.

Submitted technical papers must be no longer than nine (9) pages in total: seven pages for the main text of the paper (including all figures but excluding references) and up to two additional pages for references (these may also include acknowledgements, as well as an ethics statement and a contribution statement). For accepted papers, up to two additional pages may be purchased at an additional cost per page, but note that at the time of submission, papers should adhere to the guidelines above: seven pages for the main text plus two pages for references. Final camera-ready versions will be formatted according to the publisher’s instructions. Submissions not in compliance with these length and formatting requirements will not be considered for review.

Submissions must be submitted electronically through the IJCAI 2024 Survey submission site (link above) by the submission deadline. 

Policy on Multiple Submissions

IJCAI 2024 will not accept any paper that, at the time of submission, is under review for, has already been published in, or has already been accepted for publication in a journal or another venue with formally published proceedings. As a rule of thumb, authors should regard any publication with an ISBN or ISSN as a formal publication. Authors are also required not to submit their papers to venues with formal publication during the IJCAI 2024 review period. These restrictions are not intended to apply to workshops and similar specialized presentations with a limited audience and without published proceedings. 

Confidentiality Policy

All submissions will be treated in strict confidence until the publication date.

Submission Restrictions

Authors may only submit one paper to the IJCAI 2024 Survey Track. Also, the main track of IJCAI 2024 is enforcing a submission limit on the number of papers for individual authors. However, papers submitted to the survey track do not count towards this number of submissions. The list of authors provided at submission time is final. Authors may not be added to or removed from papers following submission. (However, author ordering may still be changed.) Also, by submitting a paper to IJCAI 2024, authors must acknowledge that they will do their best to contribute in some way to the review process if asked to.

Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

All people involved in the IJCAI 2024 review must adhere to the IJCAI conflict of interest policy. Details can be found at All authors of papers submitted to IJCAI 2024 agree to be bound by the conditions outlined in this call for papers. Authors and reviewers acknowledge that IJCAI may take action against individuals in breach of the conflict of interest and this call for papers policy (multiple submissions, authorship, etc.), including – but not limited to – rejecting their submissions without further review and banning individuals from submitting their work to a limited number of IJCAI conferences in the future.

New in 2024

Generative AI models, including Chat-GPT, BARD,  LLaMA, or similar LLMs, do not satisfy the criteria for authorship of papers published in IJCAI 2024. If authors use an LLM  in any part of the paper-writing process they assume full responsibility for all content, including checking for plagiarism and correctness of all text. 


Please send all enquiries about the Survey Track to the IJCAI 2024 Survey Track Chairs, Scott Sanner and Dengji Zhao, at