Day 1 Neuroscience Graph Learning XAI NLP MAS/GTEP
Morning 1 T01 T02 T06 T07 T09
Morning 2 T01 T03 T06 T07 T09
Afternoon 1 T01 T04 T06 T08 T10
Afternoon 2 T01 T05 T06 T08 T19
Morning 1 T12 T14 T16 T18  
Morning 2 T12 T14 T16 T18  
Afternoon 1 T13 T15 T17 T20  
Afternoon 2 T13 T15 T17 T11  
Day 3 Strategic ML Alignment ETH+SEC RL+ML  
Morning 1 T21 T23 T25 T28  
Morning 2 T21 T23 T25 T29  
Afternoon 1 T22 T24 T26 T30  
Afternoon 2 T22 T24 T27 T31  

Accepted Tutorials List

Tutorial Number Title Planned Length Topic
T01 Deep Learning for Brain Encoding and Decoding: Principles, Practices and Beyond 1 Neuro
T02 Systems for Scalable Graph Analytics and Machine Learning: Trends and Methods 0.25 Graphs, DM, ML
T03 Enhancing Graph Representation Learning through Subgraph Strategies 0.25 Graphs, DM, ML
T04 Continual Learning on Graphs: Challenges, Solutions, and Opportunities 0.25 Graphs, DM, ML
T05 Graph Machine Learning under Distribution Shifts: Adaptation, Generalization and Extension to LLM 0.25 Graphs, DM, ML
T06 All You Ever Need to Know About Counterfactual Explanations: Fundamentals, Methods, & User Studies for XAI 1 XAI
T07 Knowledge Editing for Large Language Models 0.5 NLP
T08 Beyond Human Creativity: A Tutorial on Advancements in AI Generated Content 0.5 NLP
T09 AI and Multi-Agent Techniques for Decentralised Energy Systems 0.5 MAS
T10 AI for Financial Markets – Agent based models applied to Bond Markets: Can we build a better market using ABMs? 0.25 ABM
T11 Mechanism Design without Money: Facility Location Problems 0.25 OPT, GTEP
T12 Machine Learning for Streaming Data 0.5 ML
T13 Deep Variational Learning 0.5 ML
T14 Visually-Rich Document Understanding and Intelligence: Recent Advances and Benchmarks 0.5 NLP
T15 Recommender Systems in the Era of Large Language Models (LLMs) 0.5 REC, NLP
T16 Private Information Retrieval for Personalization Tutorial 0.5 IR, SEC
T17 Machine ethics. A tutorial for prospective researchers 0.5 ETH
T18 Automated Reasoning for Social Choice Theory 0.5 GTEP
T19 Tournaments in Computational Social Choice 0.25 GTEP
T20 Generative AI for Education (GAIED): Advances, Opportunities, and Challenges 0.25 Education
T21 Trustworthy Machine Learning under Imperfect Data 0.5 ML, SEC
T22 Strategic ML: How to Learn With Data That ‘Behaves’ 0.5 ML, SEC, ETH
T23 AI Meets Values: History, Essence, and Recent Advances of Big Model’s Value Alignment 0.5 ETH
T24 Demystifying RL for Large Language Models: A training paradigm shift? 0.5 NLP, RL
T25 Advances in Fairness-aware Reinforcement Learning: Theory and Applications 0.5 RL, ETH
T26 Toward Mitigating Misinformation and Social Media Manipulation in Foundation Model Era 0.25 SEC, NLP
T27 A Copyright War: Authentication for Large Language Models 0.25 NLP
T28 Towards Causal Reinforcement Learning: Empowering Agents with Causality 0.25 RL
T29 Safe Reinforcement Learning: Algorithms, Theory and Applications 0.25 RL, SEC
T30 Probing Machine Learning Models in Angluin’s Style 0.25 ETH
T31 Curriculum Learning: Theories, Approaches, Applications, Tools, and Future Directions in the Era of Large Language Models 0.25 ML