International Workshop on Federated Learning in the Age of Foundation Models (FL@FM-IJCAI’24)
4th International Workshop on Deep Learning for Human Activity Recognition
The First International OpenKG Workshop: Large Knowledge-enhanced Models
3rd Workshop on the Interactions between Analogical Reasoning and Machine Learning (IARML@IJCAI 2024)
The 2nd Challenge & Workshop on Micro-gesture Analysis for Hidden Emotion Understanding (MiGA 2nd)
The Second International Workshop on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare (TAI4H)
Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Safety (AISafety)
The sixth Data Science meets Optimisation (DSO) Workshop
The First Workshop on Analogical Abstraction in Cognition, Perception, and Language (Analogy-ANGLE)
Human Brain and Artificial Intelligence
AI Governance: Alignment, Morality and Law
The 2nd Workshop on AI for Digital Twins and Cyber-physical Applications (AI4DT&CP)
The 4th International Workshop on Democracy and AI
Sustainable Transition with AI (STAI): Empowering Global and Local Sustainability
2nd International Workshop on Generalizing from Limited Resources in the Open World
Anomaly Detection with Foundation Models
Joint Workshop of the 8th Financial Technology and Natural Language Processing (FinNLP) and the 1st Agent AI for Scenario Planning (AgentScen)
The 3rd Vision-based Remote Physiological Signal Sensing (RePSS) Challenge & Workshop
AutoMates: The Second International Workshop on No-Code Copilots
Recommender Systems in Finance (Fin-RecSys)
3rd International Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Reasoning and Learning (STRL 2024))
First International Workshop on Logical Foundations of Neuro-Symbolic AI
The Second International Workshop on Intelligent Technologies for Precision Sports Science (IT4PSS 2024)
7th Workshop on AI for Aging, Rehabilitation and Intelligent Assisted Living
Trustworthy Interactive Decision Making with Foundation Models Workshop
Artificial Intelligence for Time Series Analysis (AI4TS): Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
1st International Workshop on Mechanism Design in Social Networks
The First Workshop on Game AI Algorithms and Multi-Agent Learning
The 4th AI for Ageless Aging Workshop (AIAA)
International Workshop on Quantum Algorithms, Optimization, and Artificial Intelligence